Energy is our matter

Blue Brand design, simulate, test and produce the energy storage systems, from small local user to the national grid ballancing and frequancy buffer large systems.

We get the best from any Lithium Cells,
LiPO, NMC, LTO etc, and we made the pack
for heavy duty task but, for safety first.


LiPO, NMC, LTO etc,

We get the best from any Lithium Cells

Proprietay Cooling Systems

Cooling by forced ventilation, gas/liquid, liquid/liquir, liquid/air, air/air

Modular and scalable

From 2.5KWh up to 4.56MWh, the Battery Blocks works under the stable temperature of <25°C


LiPO “BBBK” have a respectable energy density of 92Wh/l, all in, with integral cooling forced ventilation and BMS.

What that customer needs

The lithium batteries give the best of the chemistry at specific LAB conditions, that we made in the practice, in production, at the perfection, for safety first, then for life cycles.

From Green Energy
Working <24 °C
Low Cost Cycles
From 4G to 5G Upgrade