Lithium battery power pack, 2.4KWh - 114 KWh / <24 °C

  • Integral cooled battery pack
  • Intensive energy storage & buffer
  • IT , 5G and Telecom Industry

4G to 5G

Charge at night, discharge at requested high load time

works as energy storage in Lithium Battery Pack and
power supply to entire 5G Telecom cabinet, DC/DC

Suitable for 5G and upgraded equipment from 4G to 5G

scalable in blocks 2.5KWh  / 5KWh / 10 KWh and compatible with rack installation and Telecom 4G/5G cabinets

Operator can maintain the electric grid

Telecommunication company will keep the electric grid connection and use the standard 4G to the 5G upgraded equipments at low power

For renewable

compatible with renewable energy

Charging from AC/DC DC/DC inverters, integrated BMS with solar source protocol

Full compatible with all communication Standards

communication and
controllers with power management, live monitoring, protection and thermal status

Long life operation over 16 years at two cycles per day

Long life operation  in
energy storage, energy buffer and power backup at entire 5G Telecom cabinet

Security and
cost effective

Operation under low temperature

self forced cooling at internal direct cell surface in homogeneous heat dissipation and heat exchange with static exchanger.

Money saving

Charge when energy price is lower and discharge at high network traffic when price is higher.

DC to DC

Power system from source to consumer equipment, at
requested linear power supply 12V, 24V, 48V, 52V and from 2.5KWh to 10KWh per battery pack, scalable


Blue Brand Power Pack “BBPK” ensure the power supply and energy storage
in extreme conditions, beside the power backup.



5G network require over twice in energy and “BBBK” is the on duty energy partner that charge at low network traffic and supply on request .


The lithium batteries give the best of the chemistry at specific LAB conditions, that we made in practice, in production, at the perfection, for safety first, then for life cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

90 %
20 °C
> 7700


The “BBPK” are from 2.5KWh, 5KWh, 10.1KWh and containerized energy storage from 4 MWh power at 2x24ft marine containers