Blue Brand battery energy storage system (BESS) containers are based on a modular design.

Battery energy storage system (BESS) containers are designed for residential areas, public buildings, medium to large businesses and utility scale storage systems, weak or off-grid, e-mobility or as backup systems.

The energy storage system containers make it possible to store the energy produced by photovoltaic cell, wind turbines, or CHP. Due to its high cycle lifetime, The energy storage system containers are also used for peak-shaving, thereby reducing the electricity bill.

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The lithium batteries give the best of the chemistry at specific LAB conditions, that we made in the practice, in production, at the perfection, for safety first, then for life cycles.

Clean Energy

Energy storage has no direct emissions. It requires no pipelines. Its systems typically have a minimal footprint.  It recycles electricity. But energy storage will also help cut emissions as it takes more of the load off traditional generators and allows it to operate in a more efficient manner.