Our Energy storage system (BESS) is the perfect solution for scale EV FAST CHARGE & ULTRA FAST CHARGE. The energy storage from Blue Brand can be used to integrate various scalable storage DC-DC technologies.

Blue Brand battery-integrated EV charging solution, that is integrated with an embedded 180kWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS), removes the need for every charger installed to have a high-power grid connection, thus allowing faster and more widespread charger deployment.


Blue Brand Block Buster integrates BESS and supplier that it’s increasing and entering to the EV charging infrastructure space through solutions like Blue Brand as our battery packs designed to be integrated into chargers, and while EV companies themselves are also looking for similar products and upgrade to ULTRA FAST CHARGING SOLUTIONS.

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Blue Brand has also integrated stations for energy storage projects with hybrid technologies.

Energy Density

170 Wh/Kg
Container Energy Storage

The most significant barrier to mass EV adoption is the electric grid, which simply can’t meet the power demand required for ultrafast charging to sustainably and cost-effectively electrify our transportation system.

Battery Blocks

10.4KWh - 14.3KWh, 48-56V, 100Ah / 280Ah

Battery Racks

214.5KWh, 765V, 280Ah

Duty Life

> 7700

Blue Brand’s fully-integrated Boost Charger breaks down the low grid infrastructure barrier by combining battery technology, power conversion technology and software to enable utilities, retailers, fleets, and site-owners across the EV Charge Network, to scale up ultra fast EV charging quickly without requiring expensive and time-consuming utility upgrades.

Marine Container

24ft HQ, 2.28MWh, 1040V


All in ready, shipping to all the world, road, rail, ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean Energy

Energy storage has no direct emissions. It requires no pipelines. Its systems typically have a minimal footprint.  It recycles electricity. But energy storage will also help cut emissions as it takes more of the load off traditional generation or allows it to operate in a more efficient manner.

About EV Block Buster

With a BESS, Blue Brand provides resiliency and can reduce operating costs for EV charging parks by enabling peak shaving and load shifting between modules and /or blocks.

Our solutions also have lower installation costs due to reduced infrastructure requirements.

Ultra Fast Charge

The innovative product makes fast charging easier and more affordable for operators and customers. As a flexible fast charger, it requires no civil engineering work or adjustments to the grid connection and can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with 150 kW.